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Terms and Conditions

Effective from 1 November 2022

  1. Who We Are

    1. The website and all other We The Bookie branded websites (the “Websites”) are controlled by We the Bookie Limited with registered office at Castle Demesne House, 5-6 Ivy Terrace, Tralee, Co Kerry, V92 Y4DC, Ireland. We the Bookie Limited is an Irish company registered with the Companies Registry Office with number 641841.

    2. “We The Bookie”, “we”, “us”, or “our” are to mean We the Bookie Limited.

    3. We operate under a Remote Bookmaker’s Licence in the Republic of Ireland (Reference Number 1018829).

  2. Changes to T&Cs

    1. We may change any of the Terms & Conditions when we feel it is necessary to do so.

    2. If we make any material changes, we will inform you via email or pop-up message. If you continue to use our Website after being notified, then you will be deemed to have accepted the new terms. If you do not agree then you should stop using our Website but you will be able to withdraw your funds, except in instances outlined in our T&Cs where we are permitted or forced by law to withhold your funds.

    3. Effective dates for our T&Cs will be shown at the top of each page.

  3. Eligibility

    1. To use our Website, you must register and open an Account with us. To register an Account, you agree and warrant (meaning that you officially affirm or guarantee) that:

      1. You are at least 18 years of age;

      2. You are a current resident of Ireland;

      3. You will provide accurate information when opening your Account, including but not limited to your correct date of birth and valid identification proving the same, your current address, email address, and personal telephone number. Additionally, you will immediately notify us of any changes to the information;

      4. You have the capacity, authority, and right to enter into binding legal contracts;

      5. You recognize that there is a chance you could lose money when using the Website;

      6. You affirm that you are opening an account purely for your own use and that you are not acting on behalf of any third party and will never act in such a capacity;

      7. You are not currently subject to a self-exclusion from us and have not signed up to a national self-exclusion register which excludes you from gambling;

      8. You are not prohibited from accessing our Website or placing bets with us for any reason;

    2. Our Website's accessibility does not represent an offer, a call to action, or an invitation to utilise it in any location where doing so is illegal. If you violate any laws while using our Website, We the Bookie Limited will not be held liable.

  4. Verification

    1. You must provide the following information to register an Account:

      1. first and last name;

      2. confirmation of 18+ years of age;

      3. valid email address;

      4. a password of your choice;

      5. photo of passport or driving licence.

    2. We will verify that you are at least 18 years of age and we may ask for proof of address. If we discover, after you have opened an account with us, that you were an active customer whilst under the age of 18, we will return your net losses incurred while you were underage to you and any open Bets will be voided and we may make a report to the relevant authorities.

    3. You must complete all registration information genuinely, completely, and correctly. You give us permission to conduct any identity, credit, and other verification checks that we deem necessary or that are mandated by law. You consent to providing all information required for these verification checks.

    4. Throughout the period that you maintain an Account with us, we are obligated to carry out specific checks in accordance with our legal and regulatory requirements as a licenced gambling operator. To this end, we might ask you to supply personal information and/or records pertaining to your financial situation.

    5. You undertake to give us all the information we reasonably need, when we reasonably request it, in the format we ask. We reserve the right to impose any restrictions on your Account that we deem reasonable if you refuse to or are unable to give us the necessary information. These restrictions may include preventing you from using the Website, placing any Bets, or withdrawing money.

    6. We may provide the information you have provided to us to authorised third parties to validate your age, identity, and registered payment details when determining whether to accept your application for an Account.

    7. The personal information you supply to us will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

    8. If you are inactive for an extended period of time, your session may time out for your own protection. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that your session is not abandoned.

    9. You acknowledge that any transactions you make that we find suspicious may be reported to the relevant authorities, and that all transactions may be examined to prevent money laundering.

  5. Duplicate Accounts

    1. Each customer is only permitted one Account. Each additional account you open will be labelled as a "Duplicate Account". If you have any Duplicate Accounts, we will:

      1. Void all current Bets made in the Duplicate Account(s);

      2. Close the Duplicate Account(s) so that you have just one Account;

      3. Void any WeShare or Refer-a-Friend bonuses associated with the Duplicate Account(s);

      4. Cancel all of your Accounts if you opened additional Accounts on purpose or through fraud.

  6. Security

    1. You must establish a secret username and password in order to open an Account.

    2. Your username and password must remain private. All Bets made using a username and password that have been entered correctly will be recognized as long as:

      1. The Bets satisfy all requirements listed in our Terms and Conditions for placing Bets;

      2. At the time the Bet was accepted, we had no additional cause to suspect that you hadn't actually placed the Bet.

    3. Subject to the aforementioned and aside from instances in which it was the consequence of our negligence, we won't be responsible for any losses you might suffer as a result of abuse of usernames or passwords or from any unauthorised use of your Account, whether fraudulent or not.

    4. If you have forgotten your account information, please get in touch with us. You consent to notify us as soon as you suspect a third party is abusing your Account information so that we may suspend your Account and stop any future abuse.

    5. It is your obligation to make sure that all of your personal information is current and accurate because failing to do so may cause Bets or payments to be rejected or incorrect payments to be made. The Website allows you to change your personal information.

    6. To mitigate the threat of unauthorised use of your Account, we advise you to turn off any automatic password memory on your browser before accessing our Website.

    7. We recommend that you use a unique password that you have not used for other websites as if any of these sites get hacked then your password may become known to scammers.

  7. Protection of Your Funds

    1. All customer funds are held in a bank account which is separate and distinct from We The Bookie’s operational bank accounts.

    2. We do not use customer Account funds for any operational purposes.

    3. All of your deposits and withdrawals are facilitated by a third party Payments Provider. Your deposits will be held by the Payments Provider during processing (up to a few days) before reaching our bank account. This will not affect how you access your funds for Betting.

  8. Deposits & Withdrawals

    1. Minimum (€5) and Maximum (€1000) deposit limits apply.

    2. For any Deposit or series of Deposits, or any Withdrawal or series of Withdrawals that surpass €2000, we will require proof-of-address in order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering rules. The funds will not be processed until your address is verified.

    3. On Account balances, there is no interest payable. Credit cannot be given. It is your obligation to keep enough money in your Account and place Bets appropriately. If your Account does not have enough money in it to cover the full Bet and/or make up any shortfall, we will void any mistakenly accepted Bet.

    4. Funds may be Withdrawn at any time as long as:

      1. All payments made to your Account have been verified, and none have been reversed, charged-back, or cancelled;

      2. We have satisfactorily concluded all our verification tests;

      3. There isn't a running or finished inquiry right now:

        1. Examining suspected instances of event manipulation or cheating, or suspicious or unusual betting patterns;

        2. Examining money-laundering, the financing of terrorism, or where we suspect that you have been using the proceeds of crime to Bet;

        3. About any error, defect, or interruption on the Website;

        4. You acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right (depending on the specific facts) to cancel any affected transactions, withhold winnings attributable to those transactions, and (in the case of Prohibited Activities) suspend or close your Account if we have reasonable grounds to believe you have engaged in an illegal or Prohibited Activity.

    5. Although we don't charge you for deposits or withdrawals, your bank or another payment provider might.

    6. Please be aware that if local law, tax, or other authorities compel you to report any money you withdraw, including winnings, you are responsible for doing so. Taxes that you might owe are not our responsibility.

    7. If your personal information or debit card information changes, you must notify us as soon as possible. Otherwise, your bank may reject your request to deposit or withdraw money.

    8. If your bank card is lost or stolen, please let us know as soon as possible in addition to telling your bank.

    9. No more bets will be taken on your account if you or your bank notify us that your card has been lost or stolen until you contact us and provide further instructions.

    10. While we will take reasonable precautions to prevent errors, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions with regard to the withdrawal of funds or crediting of Accounts outside of situations where we are negligent. If funds are deposited or withdrawn erroneously, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. We will then make every effort to rectify the issue, but we may still withhold payment if the Terms & Conditions specifically allow us to.

    11. Credit Cards are not accepted as a form of deposit or withdrawal.

    12. Upon receiving an authorization from your bank, funds deposited via debit cards will be credited to your Account. It is your obligation to ensure that your debit card account has sufficient funds to cover the deposit until your bank has deducted the deposited funds.

  9. Betting

    1. Customers are only permitted to Bet up to the lesser of the amount in their Account or the maximum we will accept. We choose the minimum and maximum Bet for each selection.

    2. We are free to accept or reject any proposed Bet in full or in part for any reason, and we are under no obligation to provide a justification.

    3. Each Bet will be assigned a unique number. If we have not confirmed in writing that we have accepted a Bet or if the information about the Bet cannot be seen in "User Centre" we are not responsible for its settlement. You are responsible to ensure that all the information about your Bets is accurate. You will be unable to cancel a Bet once it has been accepted by us. If you have any questions regarding a Bet you have placed, including if you believe you may have made the Bet unintentionally, please contact us immediately.

    4. All Bets must be placed through the Website.

    5. Please become familiar with betting jargon and the betting procedure. If you place a Bet while not completely understanding all of the terms involved, we will not be held responsible.

    6. Bets are accepted up until the commencement of the event or a predetermined time, whichever is earlier, with the exception of Live Betting. We may provide some sporting events a grace period during which Bets will be accepted, but we reserve the right to void any Bet if we have reason to believe that the event has changed significantly since the Bet was placed. Any Bet that was mistakenly accepted after the betting window closed, after the event was over, or when the outcome was predictable may be voided by us. In these situations, we will reimburse you for your Bet stake.

    7. We reserve the right to exclude any customer from the Website generally or from receiving certain promotions without having to provide a reason.

    8. The time at which a Bet was recorded on the log will be used to decide any disagreements over the time at which a Bet was placed or whether a Bet has been placed at all. No Bet shall be assumed to have been placed if the attempt to place a Bet was not documented on the log.

    9. In order to Bet with us, you affirm and guarantee that:

      1. Any clause in your employment contract, our T&Cs, or any rule of a sports governing body or other professional organisation that you are a member of or that relates to you do not preclude you from placing the Bet;

      2. You do not know the outcome of the event on which you place the Bet;

      3. You are not placing a Bet improperly utilising Inside Information. Any knowledge that has not been made public but, if it were, would likely have a major impact on the relevant betting market is referred to as Inside Information;

      4. You are not funding your Bet with stolen money or criminal proceeds.

    10. If we are suspicious about the integrity of any event or the odds associate with that event, we reserve the right to suspend our offering and delay payment on the event until the integrity of the event has been confirmed by either us or the relevant sports governing body.

    11. Without any responsibility to notify you of the limit or change, we may refuse or limit Bets or change those limits.

  10. Prohibited Activities

    1. According to our Terms & Conditions, you may only use the Website, including your Account, for legal betting. You may not engage in any activity which we define below as a “Prohibited Activity” and if you do, we may void any relevant transactions, withhold any winnings, and the suspend and/or close your Account.

    2. The following are “Prohibited Activities”:

      1. The name registered on your Account does not match the name on the debit card used to make deposits on the account (though we will accept slight differences in name if we reasonably believe that alternate spelling or short forms were used);

      2. You appear to us to be depositing or withdrawing money or otherwise using our Website without betting;

      3. You are accessing, or are seeking to access, your account from outside of Ireland;

      4. We have received a “charge-back” and/or “return” notification for a deposit you made;

      5. You use our Website other than for your personal and recreational use;

      6. You make a deposit into your account that comes from a source that is either dubious or unlawful;

      7. You register for an Account by giving false or deceptive information;

      8. You permit someone else to use your Account, whether intentionally or not;

      9. You have deliberately opened or used Duplicate Account(s);

      10. You place a Bet or attempt to place a Bet when there are insufficient funds in your Account;

      11. Any form of illegal activity, cheating, collusion, money laundering, exploitation of Errors, Defects, or Interruption, using software to gain an unfair advantage, or suspicious betting;

      12. If any clause in your job contract, or any regulation of a governing body of a particular sport or other professional organisation that applies to you, forbids you from placing Bets;

      13. You place a Bet on any sporting event in which you take part, or you otherwise break any rules or conditions relating to placing of Bets;

      14. If you are in arrears relating to bankruptcy payments or have agreements in place with your creditors that preclude you from using funds to make Bets;

      15. You are rude, insulting, or inappropriate to our staff;

      16. You materially violate our Terms & Conditions.

  11. Suspicious Betting

    1. We consider “suspicious betting” to mean:

      1. When an event experiences a materially unusual pattern or high volume of Bets versus expectation;

      2. When an event's integrity has been questioned, such as when one or more participants exhibit extraordinary form that we have cause to suspect was known to you or someone related to you at the time the Bet was placed but was not publicly known;

      3. We suspect that you have opened Duplicate Accounts or a third-party Account is actually under your control;

      4. We believe that you are operating jointly with others.

  12. Suspension or Closure of Your Account

    1. We may suspend your Account without notification if we have reason to believe you have engaged in any Prohibited Activity. Your Account will remain suspended while we look into the matter. You agree to fully cooperate with our investigation. You will not be able to access or withdraw your funds during the suspension.

    2. We will end the Account suspension if the outcome of our inquiry indicates that the problem has been rectified to our satisfaction. We may restrict or permanently cancel your Account if our investigation leads us to believe you have engaged in any Prohibited Activity. Your information may be given in these situations to any relevant external third parties or applicable regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

    3. A competent authority may also order us to limit, suspend, or close Accounts for legal or regulatory reasons. These limitations may impact on your ability to Bet with us or access the funds in your Account.

    4. Additionally, we have the right to close your Account at any time for any reason (and without being required to give a justification) by providing you with at least 7 days' written notice.

    5. You will receive a refund for any balance that was in your Account if we close your Account, except:

      1. We are not required to return any funds in your Account if you have engaged in illegal behaviour;

      2. If we find out or come to the conclusion that you have engaged in any Prohibited Activities, we will cancel any affected transactions or Bets, hold all or part of the balance in your Account, and deduct from your Account any deposits, bonuses, and/or winnings that are related to those Prohibited Activities. If you have withdrawn any funds related to Prohibited Activities, those funds are regarded to be owed to us and must be returned right away when we make a payment demand of you.

  13. Live Betting

    1. Live Betting means betting while an event is in progress. The following additional rules apply to Live Betting:

      1. We have the right to cancel all or a portion of a Live Bet if the event is abandoned or postponed;

      2. A Bet may be settled at the correct price at the moment the Bet was placed, as decided by us, where a blatant error in a price quoted in Live Betting occurred;

      3. We have the right to void a Bet if there are good reasons to think it was placed after the result of an event was known;

      4. For Live Betting, it's possible that you won't always be able to access the most recent information on the relevant event.  We won't be held responsible for any delays in communicating current information;

  14. When You Win

    1. Unless otherwise indicated by the Terms & Conditions, any cleared winnings will be credited to your Account. The same debit card used for the deposit will be used for all payments made as part of a withdrawal of money. In the event that this is not possible, alternative arrangements may be facilitated.

    2. Keep in mind that it could take your bank up to 5 working days to credit your debit card account after a withdrawal.

    3. We'll do our best to block Bets that potentially result in winnings that would be greater than the maximum payout threshold for a specific event or market. The acceptance of such Bets inadvertently cannot always be avoided due to technical constraints. We highly advise all clients to verify the restrictions mentioned in the Betting Rules before making Bets, especially if the possible wins would be greater than €1000. Maximum payout limits vary depending on the specific sport and event type. Regardless of how much you Bet or how much it seems like you won, you are only eligible to earn up to the maximum winnings limit.

  15. Errors, Defects, and Interruptions

    1. We take every precaution to ensure that there are no mistakes in the prices we give or the Bets we accept. However, mistakes may happen as a result of human or system error.

    2. Your rights under applicable consumer laws and regulations may take precedence over our policies addressing Errors, Defects, and Interruptions.

    3. Definitions of the terms:

      1. When an automated process doesn't function as planned or intended and yields a result that wasn't intended or designed, this is referred to as a "Defect." These Errors might or might not be obvious to us or to you, and they might not be discovered until settlement, results, or winnings are investigated and retrospectively analysed.

      2. A mistake or error that is not solely technical is referred to as an "Error." Human error, administrative, operational, or system problems, as well as combinations of these, can all result in Errors.

      3. Any stoppage in a gaming transaction is referred to as a "Interruption," including those caused by internet outages, extreme latency, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events.

    4. Consequences or Errors, Defects, and Interruptions:

      1. If a Defect causes winnings to be credited to your Account that you would not have received otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel the relevant transaction and withhold the winnings in question. This is true whether the Defect was obvious to you or to us or not, and it holds true even if the relevant Bet could have yielded the same amount of winnings without the instance of the Defect. If you have withdrawn any of these winnings, they are considered to be owed to us and must be immediately returned to us upon our request for payment.

      2. You commit to disclose any Defect or Error that you discover to us right away.

      3. The same guidelines that apply to Defects also apply in the case of Errors. With pricing errors, we may settle Bets at the correct price at the time that the Bet was accepted.

      4. Our first concern is making sure that we handle interruptions in a fair way that does not systematically prejudice our customers.

      5. In the event of an Interruption, we have the right to halt betting markets, void Bets, and reimburse customers their stakes.

  16. Responsible Gambling

    1. We realise that we offer a product, gambling, that is potentially addictive and harmful. We offer the following tools to enable customers to self-regulate their betting activity:

      1. We monitor our customers’ betting activity and if a customer is displaying a pattern that indicates s/he is betting in a harmful way then we will reach out to that customer;

      2. Customers can prescribe their own deposit limits which include a delay of 7 days for increases of the limit;

      3. Customers can self-exclude using our Website for a variety of time periods or permanently.

    2. We will not allow a customer to deposit or Bet with us during a self-exclusion period nor will a customer be permitted to decrease the time period of self-exclusion after they have set the period.

    3. All Responsible Gambling declarations should be sent from your registered email to

    4. In order to fulfil your self-exclusion requirements, we may retain your personal information such as name, date of birth, and debit card details for as long as is required, which could be indefinitely.

    5. You may need to self-exclude from third-party providers if you do not wish to receive gambling promotional materials.

    6. Please do not attempt to re-join We The Bookie during your self-exclusion and please make us aware should an error arise whereby you are able to deposit or Bet with us during your time of self-exclusion.

  17. Dormant Accounts

    1. If your Account has been inactive for a period of 24 consecutive months, you will be notified by email.

    2. If your account lays dormant for another month, we will consider it Dormant and try to refund any outstanding balance using the same payment method you used to fund the account, unless other Terms & Conditions lead us to withhold payment.

    3. Funds in Dormant accounts may be reclassified by us for internal accounting purposes but this will not affect your rights to those funds.

    4. We will notify you if your Account is reclassified as Dormant and provide instructions on how to reactivate your Account and/or withdraw your funds.

    5. We do not charge any Dormant Account fees.

  18. Closing Your Account

    1. If you would like to close your Account, please contact us.

    2. Your Account will stay closed once it has been closed until you request that it be opened again. We may refuse to re-open your Account in certain circumstances (including during a period of self-exclusion).

    3. Please contact us should you wish to recover funds from a closed, suspended, or excluded Account.

  19. Your Personal Information

    1. You are accountable for maintaining the accuracy of your personal data. We will handle your data in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policies.

  20. No Warranty

    1. While we make a reasonable effort to ensure the proper operation of our Website, we cannot guarantee that no mistakes or omissions will occur or that service will be uninterrupted.

  21. Liability

    1. Nothing in the Terms & Conditions excludes or limits our liability, nor is it intended to do so, for:

      1. Death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

      2. False misrepresentation or fraud;

      3. Violation of your legal consumer rights;

      4. For any other liability that the current law does not allow us to exclude or limit.

    2. Subject to the foregoing provisions of this section, we will not be liable for:

      1. Any loss that you or we might have reasonably anticipated at the time you opened an account or conducted a transaction on the Website;

      2. Any other losses or damages that are thought to have resulted from your use of our Website. In particular, losses or damages from:

        1. The correctness or integrity of the data supplied by us or by outside sources, or any other Error, Defect, or Interruption;

        2. Your Account’s termination or suspension by us;

        3. Any breach by you of our Terms & Conditions or our Agreement.

    3. In relation to a single incident or a string of connected incidents, our maximum liability to you is capped at the greater of:

      1. The amount of the stake made by you in respect of the Bet relating to our liability;

      2. €10,000.

  22. Your Liability

    1. Any money deposited in your Account may be used to offset any money you owe us.

    2. You consent to compensate us for all expenses, fees, or losses incurred by us as a result of any Prohibited Activities you may have engaged in.

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