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Responsible Gambling

While We The Bookie appreciates that betting on sports can be fun and exciting, it can also be harmful. offers the following questions that you can ask yourself to better understand whether gambling is becoming a problem. We would add to this list the question: Do you get distracted (checking live scores, for example) by your betting when your attention should be directed to your friends or family? You can’t affect the result, so you’re probably better off (and those around you will appreciate it) if you forget about your bets while you are in social situations or with your partner of family.

  • Do you find that you are becoming preoccupied with past gambling successes?

  • Do you find that you need to increase the amount of money you gamble to achieve the same enjoyment and excitement?

  • Have you recently tried to stop gambling but were unsuccessful?

  • Do you become moody or impatient when you are cutting down how much you gamble?

  • Do you ever use gambling as a way of ignoring stress in your life or to pick you up when you feel down?

  • Do you ever try to win back the money you lost by increasing the size or frequency of your wagers?

  • Do you ever hide how much or how often you gamble from significant others?

  • Have you ever committed fraud or theft to get money to gamble with?

  • Has gambling ever ruined a personal relationship or an occupational or educational opportunity?

  • Have you ever needed others to relieve a financial problem created by gambling?

  • Do you lie about your gambling?


The following supports are available by emailing

  • You can prescribe a limit on the amount you can deposit. This includes a delay of 7 days in implementing any requested increase to the limit;

  • You can self-exclude from betting or depositing for a time-period of your choice, or permanently. You cannot decrease the time period, including if you have opted for a permanent self-exclusion.


There are other external tools and services to help, such as: – software that blocks access to gambling sites on phone and computer – Resource centre specific to Ireland to help manage and beat problem gambling

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